Modelica Done Right

CyModelica™ is a powerful, best of breed, and extensible Modelica compiler and execution environment in the Cloud. It’s the core engine for Modelica modeling and simulation within CyDesign Studio. With the CyModelica API, 3rd parties can integrate support for Modelica into a broad range of applications:

  • 1-D Physical Modeling
  • Control and Embedded System Design
  • 2/3-D CAD and CAE
  • Product Lifecycle Management

– anywhere model-based design and systems engineering methodologies have an application.  Further, CyModelica is fully cloud-enabled, with the ability to “burst” simulations to public or private clouds to address needs for greater computational horsepower and resource elasticity.

The power of thousands of computers at the drop of a hat? CyModelica is an integrated simulation environment that utilizes the power of cloud computing to run hundreds, thousands, potentially millions of simulations simultaneously.
CyModelica is on track to provide full compliance with the Modelica language specification and Modelica Standard Libraries. As a member of the Modelica Association, CyDesign Labs will continue to guide the standard to ensure the needs of commercial industries will be met.
The CyDesign team is extremely passionate about Modelica and its related uses and technology. We welcome long conversations about your use cases and can provide expert guidance in formulating your models. Every engineering organization can benefit, and we can show you how.

Early Access Partner?  Request an evaluation of the CyModelica products.

Modelica is a trademark of the Modelica Association. Visit the Modelica Association website.


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